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Houston aircraft salesWhether you are looking to purchase new or pre-owned, or sell the aircraft you currently own, Thrust has the decades of proven experience and longstanding industry relationships to get things done. We treat every client’s aircraft acquisition as though it were our own investment on the line. Our network of relationships allow us to look far beyond the information on the Internet or standard listing services. Many of the best opportunities aren’t even advertised. more info

aircraft management services


aviation servicesAIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT

Thrust aircraft Management manages daily operations and regulatory requirements so you can enjoy reliable and convenient travel backed by the safety, security, and service commitment of the industry leader.
Streamline flight operations and maximize your aircraft’s potential with a custom aircraft management program. more info


Thrust Aviation works with a select group of career business aviators. Each and every one of our pilots is experienced in the model aircraft our customers require and experienced in international procedures. In many cases our pilots have lived and worked internationally for years and may be domiciled outside of North America. more info


Having someone to represent your interests is a must in today’s marketplace. The average age of the general aviation fleet is 30 + years. There are a large number of potential pitfalls for an inexperienced purchaser to navigate. And, in addition to being inexperienced many buyers can’t afford the time away from their work that is required to make a successful purchase. In Houston, you can count on the experts at Thrust Aviation.

The Thrust Experts have spent decades buying, selling, maintaining, repairing and modifying aircraft. We know what needs to be checked and what needs to be fixed to ensure a prompt and successful sale. And, at inspection time, we are also the experts in negotiating squawk lists. This is part of the substantial value that Thrust brings to the brokerage process.