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Aviation Management Services

Managing an aircraft can be very time consuming, create headaches, and be a liability issue if done improperly. Your main focus is running your business, not worrying about numerous details involved in maintaining your corporate aircraft. Let Thrust Aviation’s experienced management professionals do what we do best, in turn allowing you to do what you do best! Our years of relationships with vendors is put to work for you, making for a hassle free, turnkey experience.
aviation-services (9)-h600If you have an existing flight department or you’re a first time buyer, Thrust Aviation offers customized management programs to suite your specific needs. We manage aircraft with the owner’s best interest in mind, while providing them the privacy and confidentiality they expect and deserve. We do this in a manner that allows the aircraft owner to retain full operational control of their aircraft if they wish to do so.

Likewise, if you’ve recently purchased an aircraft and want Thrust Aviation to completely set up the flight department from the ground floor, we can assist you as well. We can completely manage the entire operation, or assist you with individual tasks such as scheduling, pilot screening and hiring process, securing insurance, placing it on a charter certificate, or ensuring that it’s legally compliant, etc. Thrust Aviation will act as your flight department from being your Scheduler, Maintenance coordinator, Expense Tracker, Flight Crew, Aircraft detail, and so on.

No matter where you’re located, we have the unique ability to assist you. We’re able to work directly with your existing flight crew by removing the complex task of managing your high dollar asset in a fashion that will allow your investment to maintain it’s maximum residual value. Most of all, this will allow your crew to do what it is that they do best………Fly the airplane! All while allowing them to remain focused on what is most important at the end of the day…….SAFETY.

Thrust Aviation Services is centrally located in Houston, TX, which allows us easy access to our clients on either coast and everywhere in between. Contact us today (818).738.3866 to inquire about one of our turnkey management packages and let us go to work for you!

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