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April 26, 2015
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Buying a private airplane is an amazing experience, but it is also very challenging. You may have spent years dreaming how you will purchase the perfect plane, but you also need the right preparation and knowledge to turn your dreams into reality. To assist you in making your airplane purchase a more rewarding and enjoyable experience, consider the following top tips:

Shop for a Plane Based on Actual Needs

Many people seeking to buy a plane usually end up buying planes that fit what they think they hoped for, but not necessarily what they need. They usually discover too late that they overbought a plane that would be underutilized most of the time. You should aim for an airplane that meets 90% of your needs, and the remaining 10% can be used for renting the plane. Make a realistic list of what you intend to use your airplane for and also how often.

Choose Either a New Airplane or a Used One

Although the price of new airplanes may make it seem like buying used is the best option, think again. When you buy a new airplane, you will gain from lower interest rates, longer financing period and other tax benefits. You can also be able to better calculate your maintenance costs accurately. Interestingly, loans for buying new airplanes normally have less strict qualifications and lower down payments than those for used airplanes. Hence, you may discover that, in certain cases, buying used airplanes is more costly than buying new. Although if bought from a reliable source and with some research on your part a used aircraft could save considerably.

Create Budget and do not deviate from it

If you want to avoid buyer’s remorse, it is advisable to follow this simple tip. Many people just have a rough clue of how much they intend to spend. However, this means you can find that you are increasing this value when looking at prospective plants that are simply beyond their monetary targets. Instead, what you need to do is to create an actual budget and restrict your shopping within that range.

Avoid Getting Emotionally Attached When Searching for Prospective Planes

A common mistake many people make when searching for plans is getting deeply attached to a specific airplane. This only leads to disappointment and should be avoided. Actually, professional airplane brokers suggest that you always remain disconnected from all prospective airplanes. Even though it can be difficult to do, it is very important, and you can try telling yourself that you are just looking at somebody else’s plane. This will allow you to be objective, precise and clinical, thus getting the best plane. There will be time for getting dreamy once you have finished signing the paperwork.

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